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Fumei, since 1990, name was changed to Handan Fumei Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. officially in 2005, an export-import enterprise integrated with researching, developing, producing, and selling. Our operational headquarters was seated to the connection center of Beijing, Hebei, Shangdong, and Henan--Handan, Hebei, adjacent to Beijing-Guangzhou railway, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway and 107 National Road. So the traffic condition is very convenient.

With our own strong research & development strength, and constantly improving of the logistics transportation network and the construction of annulus Beijing high-speed economic circle, Fumei has conquered the domestic market successfully, and opened the international market with the sales network covering Europe, the United States, the Middle East and other countries and regions. Since 2005, the time of the EU anti-dumping, our corporate survive the economic crisis successfully, through the excellent product quality, strong sales channels, and unremitting efforts, After that, we improved corporate comprehensive strength, which make our company more strength and competitive among the import and export enterprises in the machinery casting industry.

Beside the continuously improvement of technology, company management and technical reserves, we had cooperated with the major steel enterprises and industrial design organization positively, For the purpose of starting cooperation in the scope of product research and development on the mechanical casting, we had achieved good results. At the same time, responding to the spirit of "promoting environmental protection, technological development ", we had made improvements on perfection for our country's economic.

In the line with market oriented; high-tech based; offering excellent quality for the purpose; assured by the reliable credibility; and taking innovation, pragmatism, integrity, dedication as the management philosophy, Fumei will provide better products and services for domestic and foreign merchants with more enthusiasm.