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The European market After the anti-dumping and many years of the industry reshuffle, Fumei tided over the"crisis'; by virtue of a strong marketing pattern, strict product quality management system. And then, Fumei become one of the few survivor with strong competitiveness in casting industrial, which laid a foundation of exporting our products to the EU market.
Brand image innovation Our company spent to make our corporate image promotion. We do not only update the enterprise LOGO, but also carry on a more accurate analysis and assessment on Fumei's corporate positioning, product positioning, product strategy, and marketing strategy and so on.

Exporting Compared with the previous year total export volume,our corporate has a growth of 160% and was named"The export of products of excellent enterprise"

Exporting Compared with the previous year total export volume,our corporate has a growth of 200% and was named"Theexpo rt of products of excellent enterprise".
Membership in Chinese supplier Fumei become the Golden Chinese supplier membership in Alibaba.

Exporting Our company ranked the forefront of our region and was named"The export of products of excellent enterprise".
Donation of Benevolence The earthquake shook our hearts too. Our company conducted a voluntary donation in time, for the dead silence and the living better!
Membership Our company become the China Chamber of Commerce for import & export Minmetals chemical member.

Foregin trade Our Foreign tarde department was established formally.After a deep study and planning, our enterprise management layer increase the strength on foreign trade and broaden the sales channels and networks. Through the unremitting efforts and attempt, we had obtained bigger effect.

Name changing and updating Our conpany name was changed to Handan Fumei Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd officially.
ISO90001 Our company gained the qualification from ISO Authentication System.
Registration Our comp any obtained the import and export qualification for registration.
Golden Trust membership Fumei become the Golden trust membership in Alibaba.
Intemet connected Enterprise website offcially launched Operation.
Our company become the members of Handan CityTrade Promotion Committee.
Our company become the members of Handan City Entrepreneurs association.
The implementation of independent export.

Precipitation with continue efforts,our comoany had gained some success, Foundry Association member units.

Reform 2002Fumei predecessor had been reformed juint-stock company.In the concerted efforts of the whole plant, our company had got an ideal progress:"relocation year, production year''.